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MSc Sustainability & Management Graduate wins National Sustainability Award

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SLA15-winner-vertwhiteAnthony Kingsley, a graduate from RHUL’s MSc in Sustainability and Management degree, has just won the Sustainability Professional award at the annual edie Sustainability Leaders Awards. These awards are presented to individuals and organisations who are working to develop successful businesses in economic, environmental and social terms.

Anthony is Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Lead for Vacherin. This is a high-end catering provider for large corporate clients such as Walt Disney Company, Battersea Power Station, Clarksons, JLT Group and Hiscox. Anthony is head of Vacerin’s sustainability strategy called Vacherin Cares, measuring the company’s environmental & social impact, then developing operational efficiencies to reduce any negative impact. As they are a food service provider, he primarily focuses on the food’s life cycle, from farm to fork and back again.  Through Anthony’s work, the company has partnered with some non-profit organisations, such as the Sustainable Restaurant Association, to improve their activities. Anthony has been involved in Vacherin’s work to reduce food waste, as well as to consider the food supply chain (see SRA event report). You can see Anthony talking about the partnership with Kahaila charity’s Luminary Bakery project in a short video.

Anthony KingsleyAnthony graduated from the MSc in Sustainability and Management in 2014. As part of this degree, students have to complete a volunteer/ internship project to examine the challenges of implementing sustainability in a voluntary, public or private sector organisation. Anthony volunteered with the Kahaila Cafe in East London, investigating the complexities of combining social and environmental goals with the need to thrive economically. He then went on to write his dissertation on ‘Driving Sustainability Within Corporations: The Role of CEOs and Executive Messages.’ It is clear how these experiences and the seminar/ lecture courses on the MSc, have contributed to his current role and success.

The MSc in Sustainability and Management is taught jointly by the Department of Geography and the School of Management. For more information, please contact the Course Director, Dr Mike Dolton.


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